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Anna Mueller, MS

Anna Mueller is Transonic Marketing's resident jack-of-all-trades combining her Masters in Biomedical Engineering, Inbound Marketing Certificate and love of technology to manage everything from technical manuals to social media.

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New Data on Physician Interest in Locum Tenens and Telemedicine: Stats to Know

Posted by Anna Mueller, MS on Dec 9, 2019

By 2025, the telemedicine market is projected to exceed $130 billion. This growth is driven by the growing need to remove geographic boundaries and provide patients with a way to connect with physicians in real-time. Doximity gauged physician interest in telemedicine by how many physicians interacted with job postings that listed telemedicine as a skill. The company also found that the number of physicians who reported telemedicine as a skill doubled between 2015 and 2018. Here is more on what they found:

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Why Physician Leaders Should Think Like Marketers

Posted by Anna Mueller, MS on Dec 2, 2019

As a physician leader, your head is often swimming with innovative ideas for solving complex challenges within your organization. But while you know making these changes can help your team meet crucial goals, your colleagues may not always share your enthusiasm.

So how can you gain buy-in for your big plans and drive the transformation you know your healthcare organization needs?

Surprisingly, the best way for physician leaders to gain internal support for projects is to think like marketers.

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Can Mindfulness Help Surgical Residents Cope with Stress?

Posted by Anna Mueller, MS on Oct 21, 2019

Surgical training is demanding and stressful. It’s so stressful, in fact, that nearly 70% of surgical residents report feelings of burnout. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), found that without adequate coping skills, overwhelming stress among surgeons can cause performance deficits, surgical errors and poor professionalism.

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Topics: Clinical Trends

What's Behind a Patient's Choice of Care Setting?

Posted by Anna Mueller, MS on Oct 9, 2019


When a person (or their loved one) becomes ill or injured, they have several choices for where they’ll receive the care they need. In addition to traditional physician’s offices and emergency rooms, patients today can also select from urgent care facilities, retail clinics, telemedicine solutions and home health visits.

To determine how patients and their families choose care settings, the University of California Irvine surveyed more than 5,000 employees and published an analysis in Health Services Research. The survey included 10 clinical scenarios ranging in severity, and participants were asked to select their preferred care setting for each.

Here are a few key findings you need to know.

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Topics: Hospital Administration

5 Interesting Statistics on Female Physician Compensation

Posted by Anna Mueller, MS on Oct 7, 2019

Though there is still a wage gap among physicians, the earnings for female physicians increased from 2018 to 2019, going from $203,000 per year for primary care physicians to $207,000 and from $263,000 for specialties to $280,000.

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5 Stats and Facts About the Looming Physician Shortage

Posted by Anna Mueller, MS on Sep 25, 2019

The upcoming physician shortage may be more serious than previously expected, according to data shared by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in its 2019 report, Physician Supply and Demand A 15-Year Outlook: Key Findings.

The report, based on a study by economic modeling and forecasting firm IHS Markit, analyzes projects from 2017 through 2032. The sobering data outlines the growing need for new physicians, despite positive changes in public health. If not addressed immediately, the discrepancy between supply and demand could lead to a serious crisis.

Here are five important takeaways from this survey:

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Study: Does Limiting Residency Work Hours Affect Performance?

Posted by Anna Mueller, MS on Sep 16, 2019

Long shifts and little time off have always been associated with healthcare professions — specifically physician training. For many new medical practitioners, sleepless nights and holidays on-the-clock feel like a right-of-passage.

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Topics: Hospital Administration

4 Communication Skills All Physician Leaders Should Have

Posted by Anna Mueller, MS on Aug 7, 2019

As a physician leader, you play a significant role in a healthcare organization’s culture and success. You’re responsible for maintaining healthy relationships with your staff, peers and the patients you serve.

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5 Interesting Stats on Physician Salary

Posted by Anna Mueller, MS on Jul 15, 2019

Nearly 20,000 physicians across 30 specialties reported their earnings and opinions about their careers to Medscape for its 2019 Physician Salary Report. Specialists spend about 40 hours per week seeing patients, and according to Medscape, significantly more time on paperwork and administrative tasks than in the past.

Despite the fact they’re faced with increased administrative tasks and paperwork, 90 percent report feeling satisfied with their jobs, with the majority saying the ability to make a difference, find answers and build relationships with patients are the most rewarding.

Here is a look at five interesting stats on physician salary and job satisfaction.

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5 Surprising Stats About Physician Happiness

Posted by Anna Mueller, MS on Jul 1, 2019

Physicians are generally pretty happy, according to new data from the 2019 AAFP/CompHealth Physician Happiness Survey, but they’re also highly stressed, too.

After recent reports of physician burnout and poor work-life balance, the survey, which consists of responses from more than 5,000 physicians across the U.S., provides hopeful and eye-opening information about what impacts doctors at work — and from where they draw the most satisfaction.

Here are five important takeaways from this survey.

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