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Kidney Care UK is the United Kingdom’s leading kidney patient support association, providing practical, financial and emotional support for renal patients and their families. It campaigns to...
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The National Kidney Federation (NKF) is the largest kidney patient association in the United Kingdom. The NKF entered the United Kingdom’s renal landscape in 1979 as a national organization when...
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24 Dec 2018
State of Cost Transformation 2018: How Hospital Executives Are Dealing With Cost Challenges
In January of 2018, Amazon announced the launch of an independent healthcare  company with backing from JPMorgan...
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12 Dec 2018
How do Physicians Feel About the Future of Healthcare? 4 Interesting Stats from the Future of Healthcare Survey
When you chose to become a surgeon, what made you want to pursue the occupation? Was it the opportunity to help...
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20 Nov 2018
5 Stats to Know About Medical Student Life and Education
The decision to attend medical school can involve many factors. Medscape spoke with 2,400 residents about what made...
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14 Nov 2018
Residency Bullying: What You Need To Know
When you hear the word “bullying,” you probably imagine school-age children taunting each other in class, or young...
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12 Nov 2018
How Hospital Changes Are Affecting Private Practices
Will private practices become obsolete? It’s not impossible, according to a report from the Health Care Cost...
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07 Nov 2018
7 Qualities of an Effective Medical Leader Should Possess
Think of someone you consider a great leader. Maybe a former manager, coach, mentor or just someone in your social...
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07 Mar 2018
How Dialysis Clinics Can Prevent Infection
Protecting patients from bloodstream infections (BSIs) should be a top priority for any dialysis clinic. Dialysis...
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05 Mar 2018
3 Ways a Checklist can Help Improve Patient Communication
Checklists are an invaluable tool that help us organize priorities and processes, and accomplish important tasks in...
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