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An Endless Horizon

By Daniel Foster30 May 2022

Read slowly.

Let your mind settle.

The cliff was not high, and we could hear the waves breaking against the side of it, just below. They were not ocean waves, but the small waves of Lake Ontario when it is only a little troubled by the wind.

There was a sunset out before us, so far away that it was an orange line, pressed between heavy clouds and cold water. To the east, those clouds made an endless horizon by sinking into the grey-blue water at the curve of the earth. We lay on a blanket, thrown on the ground to cover the bits of ice in the grass, and another one to shield us from the sharp wind blowing from the lake.

We watched the orange line. It became thinner, weaker, a beautiful thing being sent away. The gravestones were different shapes and sizes behind us. Some threw long shadows, some short. Some crosses, some tall points, showing their pale faces to the little sun, some laying and worn.

The shadows stretched longer until they joined. The sun was snuffed, and darkness had come without anyone knowing.

But we were warm.

Warm in the blanket that lay on the bits of ice. The wind seemed to still, but it was only the fading of the light, taking distraction away before the dark that covers the world when it is time to sleep.

The blanket under us was scratchy, the one over us was soft.

And sleep we did.

Editor’s Note: Everything fades, in time. Beloved pets pass away. Friends and relatives slip from us. Houses fall, names are forgotten, entire cultures become lost to history. But we always have the memories we make with those we love. At Transonic, we understand that, and we work to give you every moment you can have with your loved ones. We’ll do it one flow probe at a time if we must. Life is precious, by which we mean every patient on every operating table is precious, and we won’t stop our mission to protect them.  

We hope your Memorial Day is full of wonderful memories,

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