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Banishing Krampus: The Transonic Legacy

By Daniel Foster21 Dec 2023

Legacy is a curious word, with more shady implications than most of us realize. If your company assembles rockets, what is your legacy? Are you the Fearless Explorer of the Cosmos, or are you the Builder of Expensive Space Pencils? If you produce Christmas cookie pans, are you Creator of Childhood Joy, or Purveyor of Too Much Sugar Before Bed?

Speaking of children, Transonic’s legacy is tightly entwined with pediatric health. When Boston Children’s Hospital needed smaller flow sensors for their bouncing babies, we designed and built the probes to fill the need, even though we knew they would never be profitable.

So now, we should of course talk about Krampus.

Krampus is a figure who plays opposite Saint Nicholas in some Christmas legends. Krampus is usually depicted as having a fright-mask face, an upright, goatlike body, and a tongue that would make Gene Simmons jealous. A pageant winner, Krampus is not.

Furthermore, unlike American Santa who merely puts coal in your stocking if you misbehave, Krampus beats you with birch twigs and stuffs you in a sack. (Legends argue vehemently over whether he takes the sack to hell, to a random cave, or to Spain, but they firmly agree that he only beats people with birch.)


At Transonic, we are the anti-Krampus. We understand that perhaps all people are a little naughty from time to time, but they all deserve the best possible healthcare anyway!

So Transonic has built a legacy of protecting the health of our smallest and most vulnerable. For example, we are the only company in the world that offers cerebrovascular probes small enough to be used in pediatric moyamoya surgeries.

Speaking of examples, you should use this one when telling your children about our legacy (the history of ultrasound flow development makes a great bedtime story!) So what is our legacy, exactly? We help protect the health of the children that Mean ‘ol Krampus chases around with birch twigs. So tell your children that Transonic is not the Builder of Sensors, but the Banisher of Krampus, scourge of Christmas! Tell them that thanks to us, they will not be put in a sac and taken to Spain! Tell them that we…!

On second thought, maybe just read them The Night Before Christmas, and leave it at that.

Thanks for reading, and to all our customers and passersby who stopped at this blog, we wish the warmest of holidays, whichever you celebrate.

Peace, hope, and good health to you and those you love.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night.


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