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Choosing the Right Flowprobe for Your Surgery

By Transonic Staff15 Nov 2023

Surgeons spend years studying and building a highly specialized skill set. They then spend a career honing and perfecting that expertise. The tools they use for the job should offer the same level of precision.

Intraoperative blood flow measurements are a critical part of many surgical procedures, from coronary bypass grafts to transplants. The right Flowprobe for the job makes a significant difference in how well flow can be measured and, as a result, the data quality available to the surgeon during a procedure.

So, how do you choose the best tools for your needs? Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a flowprobe.

Flowprobe Reliability, Accuracy & Trustworthiness

It doesn’t matter how state-of-the-art your flowprobe is if you can’t trust it. Reliability and accuracy are paramount.

Surgeons use the flow measurement data to support their clinical observations and to help guide their decisions for next steps. That data has to be correct and easily accessible when it’s needed.

For instance, during a vascular procedure, flow measurement helps the surgeon identify flow obstructions and confirm the success of the procedure before closure. During a transplant surgery, as another example, the data can be used to reduce the risk of allograft failure and identify impaired blood flow before closure.

There is no room for mistakes in these situations. Regardless of the type of procedure, surgeons have to be able to trust their tools and the data those tools provide.

At Transonic, our world-class measurement products offer unsurpassed accuracy and precision. The non-constrictive design of Transonic flowprobes provide superior accuracy by measuring flow through vessels in their natural state compared to a compressive flowprobe which can inhibit flow.

On top of that, premature flowprobe failure is costly and can impact operating room efficiency if procedures have to be postponed. Transonic flowprobes work when you need them, where you need them with a warranty return rate of less than 0.5 percent.

Their robust construction and exceptional durability provide peace of mind to surgeons and hospital administrators alike.  

Flow Probes With Application-Specific Designs

It may seem obvious to say, but, different types of surgeries often require differently designed flowprobes.

The best flowprobe for intracranial cerebrovascular surgery, for example, features a long bayonet handle to fit under a surgical microscope and a flexible neck to bend into position around a vessel.

Microvascular surgeons, on the other hand, require something much smaller with a short, flexible neck that will not alter flow or damage vessels during the procedure.

In other cases, a flowprobe with a universal design may work well for general vascular, transplant or cardiac surgeries, offering greater flexibility and usability without compromising performance.

Transonic's wide selection of flowprobes are designed for specific applications, including

cardiothoracic, cerebrovascular, transplant and microvascular procedures. Not all surgeries look alike. The flowprobes shouldn’t, either.

Flowprobe Integration With Existing Systems

A flowprobe doesn’t work alone; it’s part of a wider system of blood flow measurement tools.

When evaluating the right flowprobe, consider the existing technology the team uses. Does the flowprobe work with what you are already using?

For instance, any Transonic flowprobe will work with the AureFlo system which, in turn, is compatible with all Optima Flowmeters. This versatility and adaptability allows surgeons to seamlessly integrate application-specific tools into various surgical settings without compromising accuracy or efficiency.

Next Steps for Choosing the Right Flowprobe

At Transonic, our dedication to delivering top-quality products is matched only by our unparalleled customer support and commitment to putting people before profit.

Each Transonic flowprobe is carefully designed to offer superior performance and unmatched accuracy during your surgical procedures, ensuring you have the right measuring tool each and every time.

Learn more about Transonic flowprobes and how our products compare to other options.