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Confirming the Patency of Cerebrovascular Bypasses

By Tim Callahan25 Jan 2023

The delicacy of cerebrovascular bypass surgery cannot be overestimated.  Nor can one overstate the skill and expertise required to stitch together blood vessels and reroute blood flow.

These skills are cultivated by applying talent to many years of practice. During procedures like extracranial to intracranial (EC-IC) bypass and aneurysm clipping, there are countless decisions the skilled surgeon must make.

Some are second nature during cerebrovascular bypass. Others, however, require technical, on-the-spot analysis and clinical assessments unique to each situation.

Fortunately, there are tools to support the surgeon and confirm the patency of cerebrovascular bypasses. Intraoperative blood flow measurements provide crucial data to support informed decision-making.

Patency and Blood Flow

Unobstructed blood flow is central to successful flow-preservation and flow-augmentation. The ability to quickly confirm patency with easily accessible and accurate data saves precious time in the operating room.

Intraoperative flow measurement tools help surgeons:

  • Identify inadvertent vessel compromise
  • Confirm flow preservation
  • Quantify flow augmentation

Flow measurement data can be life-changing. For example, during aneurysm clipping surgery, the information can help the surgeon choose a more optimal clip location. Likewise, during EC-IC bypass surgeries, flow measurements can help in choosing the best bypass and predicting future patency.

Flow Measurement Tools to Aid the Surgeon

With flow measurement tools, cerebrovascular surgeons can confirm their clinical impressions with data.

Transonic’s transit-time ultrasound flow measurement system gives the surgeon peace of mind during the procedure, confirming their assessments and helping to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Want to learn more about how Transonic flowmeters and flowprobes can aid surgeons in confirming the patency of cerebrovascular bypasses?

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