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"A Life Lived Rightly is Never Incomplete..."

By Daniel Foster29 Nov 2022

I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I won’t share details here, but suffice to say it wasn’t caught until late. Isn’t that often the way? Not just with cancer, but with our entire lives. We can’t wait to grow up, only to realize the adventure we had in childhood. We can’t wait to find that perfect person to complete our lives, only to finally appreciate the freedom we had before commitment. We can’t wait to finally have that high-paying job, only to sit in our office all weekend and miss our family.

The seasons are turning right now, outside my window. Orange, red, and yellow are sweeping away the green. I’ll go outside for a walk in a few minutes. I usually do at this time of day, to clear my head for more work. I should be thinking about flowprobes and flowsensors, but I’ll probably be thinking about my friend with cancer.

There are more than a handful of people at this company who seem to work endlessly. They believe in what we do, and they fight for it, each in their own way. I couldn’t work that much. Not that I don’t believe in what we do, I’m just not tireless like that. They believe that our work helps save lives. And I agree. Our flowprobes have prompted numerous surgeons to reevaluate grafts, which they found to be kinked or blocked in some way. Without our tech, those problems could have been fatal, sometimes within hours of surgery’s end.

Speaking of dedication, I believe my friend will recover. She’s a fighter if I’ve ever seen one, and I know she’s going to work even harder than my tireless coworkers.

The Roman philosopher Seneca once said something that I’ve long struggled with:

“A life lived rightly is never incomplete. No matter when you leave it, if you leave it in the right way, it is whole.”

It’s tough, not because I don’t like the idea. I love the concept. It’s just a harsh reality that some people don’t get nearly the life that they should. Or at least, that I think they should.

Maybe that’s why my coworkers work so d*** hard to make our stuff the best it can be. They’re sure they’re saving lives. Just like my friend will fight until she saves her own.

The sun is sifting down through the colored leaves outside my window.

I should take a walk now.

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