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Endless Applications

By Daniel Foster28 Sep 2022

The best engineering is irreducibly complex—a mousetrap being the timeless example. Transit time is both irreducible and evergreen, as our 39 years in business attest. We have spent these decades honing a handful of devices to unprecedented levels, but as blood flows endlessly through innumerable vessels, so our applications which measure that flow are countless.

Pancreatic cancer respects neither vessels nor persons, so it often metastasizes to the hepatic and celiac arteries. En bloc resection of this malignant mass requires careful modulation of hepatic oxygenation, so blood flow can neither be taken lightly, nor restricted tightly. Convention dictates monitoring hepatic venous oxygen saturation (Shv02) to prevent liver ischemia, however, not long ago, a group of oncology surgeons laid down this cumbersome, time-consuming process, and picked up a Transonic flow probe instead.

Pancreatic cancer attacks mercilessly, leaving little time for patients and surgeons alike. Transit time flow measurement intercepted this cycle without compromise, giving the surgeons the data they needed, when they needed it. Hepatic arterial flow could be assessed moment-to-moment, freeing the surgeons to fight for the patient on the table.

With typical ascetic satisfaction, the physicians stated “There were no complications during this operation. Operation time…using a [T]ransonic flowmeter was less than that when Shv02 was measured.”

As the surgery was a solid success, so the conclusion was a Transonic triumph: “Monitoring [with] the [T]ransonic flowmeter [on the] hepatic artery is a useful and quick method for real-time evaluation of hepatic circulation during operation.”

Good judgment was evident in the surgery, and the selection of Transonic’s tech. Congratulations are in order, as are many more rounds of Endless Transonic Applications.

Thanks for reading.

Reference: Shimura, Masahiro. Distal pancreatectomy with en bloc celiac axis resection performed while monitoring hepatic arterial flow by using a transonic flowmeter during operation.Hepatogastroenterology, July-Aug 2012; 59(117). https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22107748/. Access Date July 14, 2022.