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How to Attract Potential Patients with Social Media

By Tim Callahan21 May 2018

Social media is often thought of as a means to connect with family and friends. But many physicians and surgeons are now recognizing the value of social networks in attracting new patients.

3 Ways to Attract Potential Patients with Social Media

Stronger Messaging

When patients search online for a physician or surgeon, they are looking for strong and consistent messaging. Not only does this build confidence in the eyes of the patient, it also provides them with a clear picture of your offerings and expertise. While an office or hospital website serves as the foundation, social media is a valuable supplement for amplifying this message.potential-patients.jpg

With the opportunity to reach billions of people, physicians and surgeons can more effectively communicate the “why” of their practice and profile those individuals who support this mission. For instance, you could create monthly image-based posts that feature a doctor and a quote about the practice.

Along with allowing patients to get to know doctors as people, social media also presents opportunities for practices or groups to differentiate themselves from competitors—whether it’s years of experience or available services.

Share Educational Information

Proactive healthcare has become a common trend in recent years. Doctors strive to educate individuals on ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while patients search for this information online. Social media is another space where this useful information can be shared and found by potential patients.

During cold season, for instance. On a social network like Facebook, you could post a series of tips on how to prevent a cold or perhaps link to a blog post you’ve written on this topic. Meanwhile, as flu season approaches, you could post a reminder for individuals to get their flu shots or share an infographic about annual flu statistics.

The nature of this educational content gives it a more effective outreach and increases the chances that people will not only use it but also share it with others.

Solicit Continuous Feedback

It’s true in any industry: negative reviews can drive away potential interest, while positive reviews can fuel new opportunities. As one of the first steps in a patient’s doctor search, good online reviews are crucial to healthcare success.

With social media, you have an opportunity to garner favorable patient feedback. As you ask patients to leave reviews, it will showcase your dedication to patient satisfaction and increase your credibility amongst potential patients.

The positive reviews you receive can also be turned into patient stories, with their permission. In addition to educating new patients, these stories can also showcase the different types of health concerns that your practice can address. Negative reviews, hopefully they are minimal, identify opportunities for improvement. Once addressed, you can promote the positive changes you have made to your practice.

Why Social Media Is Important for Attracting Patients

Establishing social media presence may take some time for practices, but it’s sure to deliver benefits. Doctors and physicians can build brand awareness, provide their audience with educational information and earn reviews that validate their credibility. All of these elements can fuel interest from potential patients and build a foundation for continued success well into the future.

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