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How to Deep Fry a Rocking Chair

By Daniel Foster04 Jan 2023

I’m stuck in an airport again. Hurrah. This time it’s a Southern airport, so it has hundreds of rocking chairs. So here I am, rocking away, “people-watching.” (If you’re watching one stranger, you’re a creep, but if you’re watching dozens of strangers, you’re sophisticated and observant. Pluralizing fixes everything.)

So anyway, I’m people-watching. Here comes a middle-aged couple, both in warm sweats, walking slowly, saying little half sentences to each other as if they’re sharing one mind. Next comes a little girl, pencil and coloring book in hand, long hair flowing behind her like a cape. Then a swollen body builder, late for a protein convention. Here comes a little man, barely taller than his suitcase, with an NFL jersey and a spring in his step.

As I watch them pass, an eerie sense of familiarity is creeping over me. I feel as if I’ve met these people before. An older woman is passing me now, walking briskly, adjusting her glasses to better see her phone, and suddenly, it hits me. These are our clients—yours and mine.

We build some neat tech at Transonic. Actually, if you’re a healthcare worker, we build some essential tech. Our devices assist in lifesaving surgeries in every state in the Union. And we ship to more international countries than I know. These people, short, tall, heavy, thin, Asian, European, and American are the human beings who depend on us.

I’m grateful for what we’re able to build. And considering the amount of deep-fried Southern food that I can see from where I’m sitting, a lot of these people will be grateful for our technology as well. (No joke. I’m from West Virginia, and we deep fry everything from Snicker’s bars to squirrel dumplings down here.)

In marketing school, we’re told to include a CTA in our blogs. That’s a “Call To Action.” So I’m calling, and here’s the action: take a look at our website (https://www.transonic.com/cardiothoracic-surgery.) If you don’t have our technology, you may need a piece of it. If you don’t use what we make, I guarantee you know a physician who could benefit from the enhanced surgical decision-making we offer.

Decision-making… Wait, maybe that’s what’s actually hitting me, as I sit here, rocking away in the airport. These people are all different, but they have one thing in common: they’ve all decided to go somewhere. People only have somewhere to go if they have someone or something that needs them to go there.

That’s what we do —you and I— each day in healthcare. We guard those gossamer threads of need and belonging that hold us together as a species.

Medicine is caring, in action. Caring is simply human, like enjoying a sunrise, or smiling at the sound of a child’s laughter, or sitting in deep-fried Southern rocking chair, watching the world go by.

Thanks for reading,

                Transonic Systems Inc.

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