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Independence Day

By Daniel Foster05 Jul 2022

What does it mean to be independent? Paul Revere and a tea-flavored harbor? Equal civil rights for everyone? Freedom from abuse, in all forms?

Sure. Yes. And definitely.

But what do independence and freedom mean, if not responsibility? Clinically, Transonic provides the freedom of precise medical information, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

For decades, surgeons performing heart bypasses had no way of knowing if the graft was supplying enough blood to keep the heart alive, other than by placing a finger on the artery and guessing whether the pulse they felt was indicative of sufficient flow. Our technology precisely measures flow inside an artery, reporting for certain whether it is safe to close the patient’s chest. In aneurysm surgery, our tech is often the only way to know whether a clip has accidentally occluded an unseen artery, starving part of the brain of blood.  Simply, we give surgeons the power of informed decision.

So essentially, independence means power, medically or politically. In Paul Revere’s case, it meant removing certain powers from the government and putting them in the hands of the people. In the Civil Rights movement, it means making sure that power is equally distributed among all the people. In the case of abuse, it means removing power from those who have proven they do not deserve it.

And in the case of Transonic tech, it means putting the power of information exactly where it needs to be: in the hands of a talented surgeon and their staff.

We strive to turn every day into Medical Independence Day, and we wish you the best in all your clinical endeavors.

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