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Join Us at the ASAIO 67th Annual Conference

By Daniel Foster01 Jun 2022

At Transonic, we love diving into a think tank. The annual American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) conference is that and more: a gathering of brilliant minds, a collection of cutting-edge technology, and an aggregation of all things new and exciting in the world of artificial organs.

For 67 years, ASAIO has been a rallying point for academicians, clinicians, and engineers in any field related to artificial organs. Friendly competition abounds, sharpening everyone’s tech to a keener edge for carving the future. Today, ASAIO boasts 625 member organizations from 30 countries, all brought together by a single goal: “Science, Medicine, and Industry – Innovating for the Future.”

Transonic is proud to be one of those members, and proud of our own legacy of positive contributions to health care. This will be our 35th straight year of attendance, and we’re looking forward to many more. But first, we’re looking forward to the new insights and developments that will doubtless fill the lectures and exhibit halls.

Come join us for a slice of the future, June 8-11 at Chicago’s Hilton. Registration is open here.

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