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Medical Protocol and Inventive Tomato Placement

By Daniel Foster01 Nov 2023

Medical protocol is a two-edged sword. It’s designed to ensure safe, proper (and in some cases, fair) treatment for all patients. But how well does “one-size-fits-all” actually fit? (We’ve all seen a salesman wearing an OR bunny suit…)

So, let’s say you work in anesthesia. You know that patient X has such-and-such stats, and therefore should receive Y dose of Z medication. However, you’ve worked with patient X before, and you know that her physiology reacts abnormally to the combination of two other medications that she’s on, and therefore, under these circumstances, a smaller dose of medication Y will better fit her needs. But to the casual glance of another clinician, that will look like you’re undermedicating your patient. You might get in a lot of trouble…

Protocol keeps clinicians from erring, in theory. Sure, you could handle the responsibility of properly individualized treatment, but before we’ve even opened that discussion, you may already be thinking of a coworker who maybe can’t handle the responsibility. So perhaps there are a few arguments for protocol. For example, I bought a burger from the local joint the other day, and this is what I found when I unwrapped it. Not sure if this was laziness or creativity, but we’ve all had to work with the medical equivalent of creative-burger-stacking-guy at some point.

However, you’re capable of better decisions than inventive tomato placement. That’s why, at Transonic, we’ve figured out how to help you individualize treatment within protocol. We offer more than thirty different sizes and types of flowprobes and flowsensors. That way you can optimize, prioritize, and individualize care as you know best.

Click here to see a small sampling of the products we can offer you and your CABG patients.

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