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Please Don't Need Our Products

By Daniel Foster14 Jun 2024

Your children. Your parents. Your spouse. Your friends. I don’t know who is closest to you, but I’m writing on their behalf. Think of it as an email they don’t know they wrote to you.

First, you need to understand that certain people at our company are driven.

Dear God, they are driven. Like a Ferrari-with-no-brakes, type of driven.

We have an employee who works round the clock, loses sleep at night worrying about promoting the HD03 dialysis monitor. Why? Because she loves corporate America? No. She has a family member who will need a kidney transplant someday, and will be on dialysis in the interim.

Our company founder is 80 years old, and he still puts in more hours per workweek than I do.

We have an employee who smuggled a letter out of a totalitarian country to apply for a job with us, then emigrated across the globe to work on a project that would have saved countless lives in his country, if he’d been allowed to work on it there.

And me? I’m just the blog guy. I have a loved one who can’t get out of bed because of a disease that no one seems to understand. I can’t help her, but I believe a company like Transonic eventually can.

We continue to offer probes that haven’t made a dime since their inception, because when a patient needs that particular application, there’s nothing else on the market that will do the job. Like the pediatric probes we designed for Boston Children's Hospital. The kids needed it, so we built it.

We do all this work so that we can (ironically) ask you on behalf of your loved ones—

Please don’t need our products.

We build things that are used in procedures to save people from almost certain death. Flow meters used in open heart surgery. Probes used in cerebrovascular aneurysm ablation. Meters used in liver transplant. We hope you don’t need what we build, but we build it to the best possible standards and sell it at the lowest possible prices in case you do. Why? Because we know you’re as valuable to your family and friends as we are to ours.

My family member is struggling, and it’s hard on all of us, but I’ve noticed that, if you can stand to look deeper, the struggle will highlight that this truly is a wonderful life.

So we wish you the best one you can possibly have.

                   Transonic Systems, Inc.

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