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Snapshot of a Leader

By Daniel Foster08 Dec 2023

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Is that because images capture something that words cannot? Or is it simply because words are so often used in excess…

“Brevity is the soul of wit,” so said The Bard. Einstein phrased it differently, saying that unless you can explain it to your grandmother, you don’t really understand it.

Dr. Fady Charbel is a man who does understand it.

Dr. Charbel speaks in concise, perfectly-formed sentences that roll without hitch or hesitation. Listening to him speak is a pleasure, not only for the vast amounts of well-organized information you will receive, but because that information is delivered so softly. There is no need to put force behind words that convey meaning so well. When I met him, he put a hand on my shoulder and thanked me for coming to his event. He asked about my flight, and listened politely to my responses. I remind you, this man is one of the world’s preeminent brain surgeons so he certainly doesn’t have to spend his time asking about my flight.

But Dr. Charbel does care. It was his caring that founded his relationship with Transonic, almost thirty years ago. His patients needed more than current technology could provide, so he turned to the best—the only—flow measurement company in the industry.

This is the point that I’m supposed to regale you with tales of Dr. Charbel’s pioneering work, dedication to his patients, and intellectual prowess. And all of these would be true. The man is so dedicated that when he needed a new device so he could save more lives, he called our company and worked with us to design it. Fast-forward thirty years, and I’m standing at his seminar, being kindly asked about my flight.

The seminar was crowded with the brightest residents in the US, and lecturers from as far away as the Czech Republic. Each of them listened closely when Dr. Charbel said anything. So did I.

He is a physician, an educator, and simply a person who is easy to appreciate.

Brevity is more than the soul of wit. It’s the soul of communication.

And the world needs more communicators, don’t you think?