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Technology in Medicine: 5 Stats for Doctors and Patients

By Anna Mueller, MS07 Dec 2016

Doc.jpgThanks to technological advances like the internet and smartphones, patients and doctors have a seemingly endless stream of information at their fingertips. Patients no longer have to wait for a doctor’s phone call to get test results and can view all their information from anywhere in the world.

There are apps that can monitor heart rhythms and can log things like physical activity and calories. There are even some apps that can connect a new patient to a doctor within a few minutes.

How is this technology affecting the doctor/patient relationship? Medscape took a look at how doctors and patients view technology in medicine. Here are five interesting findings.

1_physician notes.png

2_patient portal.png

3_rx prescribe.png

4_when evaluating a doctor.png

5_office visit.png

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