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The Beginning, the End, and Most of the Middle

By Daniel Foster09 Jun 2023

At Transonic, cardiothoracic surgery is the foundation of our business. It is an old procedure that remains at the forefront of medical innovation. As it continues to expand in all directions, Transonic expands with it, because, just as CABG remains essential, our flow measurement remains the indispensable tool for confirming graft patency. When asked about recent advances in cardiothoracic surgery, Dr Husam Balkhy (University of Chicago) said, in part, “Additional advances include percutaneous aortic valve replacements, which is replacing the heart’s aortic valve through the blood vessels, as opposed to open heart surgery, and improvements in ventricular assist devices, which are implantable pumps for people with weakened hearts or heart failure.”1

Most readers of this blog are aware that Transonic’s technology leads the field in surgical applications, but some do not know that we are equally indispensable in research. Many of the ventricular assist devices referenced by Dr Balkhy relied on Transonic technology for their development. Drs Gretel Monreal and Steven Koenig (University of Louisville) have extensive experience in preclinical cardiovascular device development and testing. Of the many devices that have come through the lab, they’ve helped advance 15 into clinical use, and a number into further development. Drs Monreal and Koenig use Transonic flowprobes in their static and dynamic mock loops and acute and chronic large animal models to categorize and quantify the hydraulic efficiency, biocompatibility, hemodynamic efficacy, reliability, and safety of blood pumps and other mechanical circulatory support devices. They have 72 Transonic flowprobes and 35 flow modules in their lab. They work tirelessly, because cardiac surgery will never stop, so neither can the developments on which it depends.  

From the research lab to operating room: Transonic is at the beginning, the end, and most of the middle.

So, you can be sure we’ll never stop either.


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