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The Theory of Everything

By Daniel Foster31 May 2024

Why should you care about the great quandary in physics? It doesn’t pay your bills, feed your kids, or get rid of that annoying squeak in your car. Is it possible for a question to lie “at the heart of our reality” while still having nothing to do with your day-to-day reality? Sure. Maybe it doesn’t matter at all.

Until it does.

Most of life is like that. Car insurance is an expensive annoyance, until you’re in a wreck. The Theory of Everything is pointless drivel, until a philosophical person is lying on their deathbed, wondering if there was a point to it all. Heart surgery is a scary procedure that happens to others… until a heart attack pounces on you from nowhere.

Physicists continue searching for a Theory of Everything (a general idea or equation that will unite the disjointed pieces of physics) because it would bring greater order and illumination to our universe. At Transonic, we get that, because illumination is our mission too. We provide information, illuminating the surgeon who’s saving you from that aforementioned heart attack. We even do it literally: full-window illumination. This simply means that our ultrasound beams cover the entire cross-sectional area of the vessel so that our measurements are accurate and precise. What measurements? Blood flow inside a vessel—without cutting it open.

Knowledge is power. Without it, people sometimes only have fear. But if we stop and ponder, we might begin to wonder if everyone’s purpose is to bring illumination, in one way or another. Bosses educate coworkers in jobs. Parents educate children for their protection. Friends educate each other every day without realizing they’re doing it. Books educate us all. Transonic has been illuminating life-saving surgeries for 40 years, like the heart surgery mentioned above.

Maybe you can live without a Theory of Everything. But can you live without illumination? That’s why we have insurance and headlights. Because who wants to drive around in the dark?

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