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Video: Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeon on the Importance of Flow Measurement During Cerebrovascular Surgery

By Tim Callahan09 Sep 2019

Many cerebrovascular neurosurgeons use a Doppler flow probe to measure flow velocity during a procedure. However, a Transit-time ultrasound micro-flowprobe provides more objective volume flow measurements during cerebrovascular surgical procedures.

Dr. Sophia Shakur, a neurosurgeon practicing at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Maryland, says of flow measurement:Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 10.10.48 AM

“Oftentimes, neurosurgeons only have access to a regular doppler flowprobe, which is somewhat subjective because you can only listen to the sound of the flow with the doppler probe. Whereas the Charbel Micro-Flowprobe gives you a volumetric measurement in millileters per minute, which is much more of an objective measurement rather than a subjective sound that you’re relying on so the measurement that you get is much more accurate and the accuracy results in better outcomes.”

See how flow measurement helps Dr. Shakur achieve better outcomes in this short video.

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