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11 Mar 2020

WISEWOMAN Program Helps Reduce Risk for Heart Attack and Strokes

In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death for women (one out of every four). In 1993, the...
03 Feb 2020

How Patient Bias Impacts Care

As a healthcare professional, you know the attitudes of patients can vary.  Some patients are stubborn, some are...
13 Jan 2020

5 Biggest Healthcare Trends to Watch in 2020

As the dawn of a new decade approaches, healthcare professionals across the world are preparing for a host of new...
09 Dec 2019

New Data on Physician Interest in Locum Tenens and Telemedicine: Stats to Know

By 2025, the telemedicine market is projected to exceed $130 billion. This growth is driven by the growing need to...
02 Dec 2019

Why Physician Leaders Should Think Like Marketers

As a physician leader, your head is often swimming with innovative ideas for solving complex challenges within your...
18 Nov 2019

What to Know About The Rural Physician Shortage

With an ever-growing demand for physicians, a quickly aging population and a dwindling number of practicing...
09 Oct 2019

What's Behind a Patient's Choice of Care Setting?

  When a person (or their loved one) becomes ill or injured, they have several choices for where they’ll receive the...
07 Oct 2019

5 Interesting Statistics on Female Physician Compensation

Though there is still a wage gap among physicians, the earnings for female physicians increased from 2018 to 2019,...
25 Sep 2019

5 Stats and Facts About the Looming Physician Shortage

The upcoming physician shortage may be more serious than previously expected, according to data shared by the...