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A Matter of Company Pride

By Daniel Foster20 Feb 2023

As November ended, our dialysis expert, Debbie Brouwer-Maier received a call from the president of ASDIN (American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology) to inform her that she had been selected to receive an ASDIN Associate Recognition Award this month.

At Transonic, we have long been aware of Debbie’s superior qualifications and experience, and we’re glad to see both being recognized at a national level. Debbie’s receipt of this award is truly noteworthy, because it has never before been given to a nurse. We share this piece of news for two reasons: to congratulate Debbie, and to showcase some of the employee talent that undergirds Transonic's continued success. 

Simply put, Debbie is a nurse who has distinguished herself sufficiently to receive this award—and she is also the nurse who personally oversees the development and market maintenance for every piece of HD-related equipment that we sell. Our equipment is not merely backed by an excellent warranty; it is backed by the award-winning credentials of hard-working people. We appreciate each and every one of our talented employees whose labor, education, and reputations stand behind every device we build.

Profile photo of Debbie Brouwer-Maier