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Is Inflammation the Silent Kidney Killer?

Referred to as the “silent killer” because it’s often undetected until later stages, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) affected 15% of US adults in 2021. Nine out of 10 sufferers don’t even know they have it.

You know from experience that it’s much easier to prevent CKD than treat it, and at the heart of many diseases is chronic inflammation. According to research, inflammation plays a role in the eventual development of CKD in some people, such as those with rheumatoid arthritis.

The good news is that the advice we currently give patients for managing kidney disease – monitoring and controlling blood sugar and blood pressure, smoking cessation, weight loss and exercise– is also good advice for controlling inflammation.

Perhaps one of the best ways to talk to patients about managing CKD is by starting with the big picture of inflammation. It’s a term they can easily process and understand, making it more likely they’ll take the necessary actions to manage their kidney disease.

Helping patients prevent and manage CKD may feel daunting in the current resource-dry climate. By the time a patient requires dialysis, both the patient and the caretaker may feel that little can be done to help.

Transonic’s HD03 Hemodialysis Monitor can help relieve that feeling of futility.

It can be used to help optimize their hemodialysis session with a catheter.  To measure is to know, and the HD03 Monitor can measure Delivered Flow and Check for the presence of Recirculation.

If your clinic wants to learn how to use your HD03 or you simply want to learn more, request a demo.

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