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Video: KDOQI Vascular Access Guidelines & ESKD Life Plan

The ESKD Life Plan is a new concept in the KDOQI guidelines. The Life Plan is meant to individualize the patient’s renal replacement modality. This allows the patient to choose which renal replacement modality fits their lifestyle and their preferences. The patient’s Life Plan should be re-evaluated anytime the patient’s circumstances change.Deborah

In the following videos, I explain more about the new KDOQI guidelines and how the ESKD Life Plan fits into them. In the first video, you’ll learn more about the new nomenclature being used, interpretive guidelines for the ESKD Life Plan, who makes up the Life Plan team and its workflow. I’ll also discuss when the Life Plan should be made, the importance of including a patient’s family, the modality plan and much more.

Watch video 1 below:



In video 2, I’ll discuss the updates in the KDOQI guidelines about cannulation, ESKD Life Plan examples and how these guidelines fit into them, tools to help you implement the Life Plan and more.

Watch video 2 below:

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