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Kidney Care News to Know

Diality Receives $12.5 Million in Funding for a Portable Hemodialysis Machine

The company is developing a “versatile hemodialysis system to address the unmet technology needs of the evolving dialysis industry.” The machine, according to the company, will be “a truly portable system capable of delivering the intense dialysis doses commonly prescribed for patients receiving three dialysis treatments per week, in addition to lower-intensity doses suitable for more frequent dialysis.” kolff-First-Artificial-Kidney-Faces-Opposition

Source: Nephrology News & Issues

CMS Finalizes Updates to Dialysis Payments for 2021

The update covers payments for treatment of AKI provided by dialysis providers and finalizes changes to the End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program (QIP). Updates include a $13.80 increase to the base rate, bringing the total payment to $253.13 per dialysis treatment and an add-on payment to facilities that use new technologies for home hemodialysis patients. 

Source: Nephrology News & Issues

KidneyX COVID-19 Kidney Care Challenge Seeks Replicable Front Line Solutions

The $300,000 challenge is seeking solutions that reduce transmission of COVID-19 among kidney disease patients or reduce the rate of kidney complications for those infected with the virus. 

Source: RenalWeb 

Californians Reject Measure that Required Physicians to Supervise Dialysis Treatments

The measure was rejected by a margin of 2-1 on election night. In addition to requiring physicians to supervise dialysis treatments, the Protect the Lives of Dialysis Patient Act would have required state department of health approval before a dialysis provider could close a clinic and mandate dialysis providers submit quarterly reports on infection rates to the state.

Source: Nephrology News & Issues 

Kidney Patients More Likely to Die from COVID-19

Research from University Hospitals in Cleveland has found that because COVID-19 can attack the kidneys, kidney patients are more likely to die from the virus. Kidney disease, both pre-existing and that caused by COVID-19 is linked to a higher risk of dying from the virus.

Source: RenalWeb

Nephrology Nurses Have High Workload, Declining Well-being

At the virtual ANNA Nephrology Nursing Practice, Management and Leadership Conference, Victoria Montoya, Ph.D., of the University of Central Florida, and Myrlene Sanon, MPH addressed the increased workload of nephrology nurses and how it affects their well-being and mental health. The researchers’ survey of nephrology nurses found: 

  • 35% did not believe their workload is reasonable
  • 27% said they have missed a change in a patient’s condition because of the workload
  • 25% said their current workload may cause them to look for a new job
  • 30% said they do not have time for a 30-minute meal break during their shift
  • 62% said they felt burnout, with 47% reporting that work is “hardening their emotions”

Source: Nephrology News & Issues

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