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Let Us Make Your Life Easier

By Daniel Foster09 Feb 2022

If you’re reading this blog, you probably work in some capacity as a dialysis provider, so you already know that 1 in 7 Americans suffers from some form of chronic kidney disease.¹ Succinctly, very few medical treatments are as valuable (and as desperately needed) as the one you provide.

So before we at Transonic say anything else, we want to say Thank You, for all that you do.

Dialysis can be a bumpy road for both staff and patients. We know that you care for your patients and want to optimize their treatment. For that reason, we developed Transit Time dialysis flow measurements to take the guesswork out of proper dialysis flow. As we all know, just because the dialysis machine is set at 400ml/min, doesn’t mean it’s delivering that much…

We want you to be able to Act on Facts, not guesses.

The Transonic HD03 tells you exactly how much vascular access or extracorporeal blood flow are occurring, and it also offers recirculation and cardiac output parameters. The first webinar, available February 24th, is an introduction to HD03. It will cover design and system set-up, as well as basic functionality.

Join us for free to find out exactly what Transonic’s HD03 can do for you and your patients.

Most of all, thank you. And please continue doing your valuable work.

See you soon, 
The Transonic Team


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