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ANNA Designates 2nd Week of September as Nephrology Nurses Week

By Susan Eymann, MS10 Sep 2018

To honor the dedicated nephrology nurses who care for patients with kidney disease, the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) has designated the second full week in September each year as Nephrology Nurses Week. ANNA is proud to honor nephrology nurses throughout the year, but especially during Nephrology Nurses Week.

ANNA launched Nephrology Nurses Week to give employers, patients, and others the opportunity to thank nephrology nurses for their life-saving work. In addition, ANNA also hopes to spark interest in other nurses about the multifaceted career opportunities available in nephrology. One of the most diverse nursing specialties practiced 

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today, nephrology nurses care for patients of all ages who have, or are at risk for, kidney disease.
Nephrology nurses use their vision, knowledge, and skills to improve patient outcomes. Caring for patients with kidney disease requires nurses to be highly skilled, well educated, and motivated, and nephrology nurses cite the variety and challenges of the specialty as fueling their ongoing passion. They suggest that:

  • A special celebration or reception be held to recognize a nurse or several nurses.
  • Promotion of a positive, realistic image of nephrology nurses in the work place.
  • Placing an article in your local newspaper about Nephrology Nurses Week and the value of nephrology nurses.
  • Invite a policymaker, member of Congress, Senator, state legislator, etc. to accompany a nurse or several nurses in your place of employment for a day or part of the day.
  • Ask every nurse to wear an RN pin during Nephrology Nurses Week.
  • Work cooperatively with your facilities, hospitals, schools, and libraries to set up a special display for Nephrology Nurses Week.
  • Host a press conference and discuss important health care issues.
  • Request a proclamation from your mayor/governor declaring the second full week in September as Nephrology Nurses Week.
  • Suggest that your administrators or local newspapers solicit stories from patients who would like to pay tribute to a nephrology nurse who has provided exemplary care.
  • Invite nursing students from nearby schools of nursing to visit your workplace and learn about nephrology nursing.
  • Create a long-term link between local schools of nursing and newly graduated nurses by establishing nephrology nurse externship and internship programs.

Employers are encouraged to:

  • Place congratulatory messages in the workplace.
  • Offer congratulatory items to nephrology nurses.
  • Offer a special nephrology nursing recognition event in their honor.
  • Inform patients of the special week and suggest they thank their nurses for providing quality care.
  • Show your appreciation to nephrology nurses in other meaningful ways.

For more information, visit ANNA's Events page.