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Outflow Stenosis: the Lethal Guessing Game

By Daniel Foster21 Jun 2024

In medicine, predictive power is the Holy Grail, able to cure all ills, protect the innocent, and even reset the future from certain disaster. Sounds grand, doesn’t it? But what pathology could clinicians not prevent with enough forewarning? There are a few, but precious few.

At this year’s American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology, Dr. Gerald Beathard spoke on the necessity of predictive power, effectively, the importance of utilizing the predictive power that already exists in the market today.

(Spoiler alert: it’s built by Yours Truly.)

Access stenosis is a looming problem for all dialysis patients. How close it looms is the million-dollar guessing game. But you can’t phone a friend, and you can’t pole the audience. It’s dangerous, and could eventually have lethal consequences.

What is assumed to be stenosis, says Dr. Beathard, is often actually an imbalance between inflow and outflow capacity. Fluids are incompressible, so when outflow is insufficient, resistance and intraluminal pressure increase in direct proportion.

But since this is also the case with stenosis, how can we differentiate the two?

The answer is simple: flow volume measurement. If the outflow volume is sufficiently high, then the problem must be imbalance between inflow and outflow volumes. If the outflow is unexpectedly low, then the problem is indeed stenosis.

The Transonic HD03 is a tested-and-true technology that gives fast, hyper-accurate volume flow measurements. We’ve sold thousands of units to thousands of satisfied (and relieved) clinical customers. Yet considering the number of clinics that have never touched an HD03, it’s still somewhat of a hidden gem.


In medicine, we all like to think of ourselves and pioneers, always hungry for the next advancement. Yet we’re all still human, so when it comes to learning a new technique on a new piece of equipment, we may feel like we’re too busy, or even question the utility of the newfangled thingamajig so we can avoid adding something else to our already-overloaded work schedule.

But what if the new tech is so fit for the task—and so clinically revealing—that it saves you both time and money? Not to mention helping you safeguard your patient’s access health.

As Dr. Beathard implied, measurement of access flow is not only imperative for patient health, it is only way to discover the medical difference between two radically different diagnostic facets.

Patient health is everything. That’s why we designed the HD03. Give us a call or click here to see how incredibly easy it is to use, and how much effort it will save you, while giving you the predictive insight that your patients so desperately need you to have.

It really is a glimpse into the future.

Thanks for reading,

               Transonic Systems, Inc

                              The Measure of Better Results.


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