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Priorities in Southeast Asia

The small, tropical State of Brunei is landlocked. This situation can create financial hardship, since landlocked countries can become economically beholden to surrounding nations. Brunei, however, is ranked 12th in the world in gross domestic product per capita at purchasing power parity, due largely to excellent exploitation of their natural gas and petroleum reserves.

As a small country, Brunei has only two surgeons who can perform AVF creation, but that didn’t stop them from prioritizing patient care as highly as a country with a thousand such surgeons. Brunei uses its natural resource wealth for many public benefits, and recently they used it to install their first HD03 monitor.

On June 6th, Patricia Chen, Sales Manager for Southeast Asia, and her team conducted HD03 in-service training and patient demos at Brunei’s largest hemodialysis facility, the Rimba Dialysis Center. We congratulate her and her team on their excellent work, pushing new marketing frontiers in their corner of the world. We hope that the improvement in patient care in the small island country of Brunei will help show the world that anyone, anywhere, can reap the benefits of Transonic technology, and that every hemodialysis clinician deserves the best patient care assistant they can have: the HD03 Monitor.

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