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The Catheter Solution: Transonic

By Daniel Foster02 Feb 2023

Hemodialysis catheters can have a variety of problems, but you may be surprised how often Transonic can be the solution. You’re probably aware of Transonic’s flow measurement capabilities, but did you know our tech works just as well with your catheter patients as it does with your AVF/AVG patients?

Delivered Flow (Catheters/AVF/AVG)

Delivered flow can differ from the dialysis pump setting. It is important to compare the pump setting to the actual circuit flow (obtainable through your HD03) so that you can optimize your dialysis patient’s treatment on the spot.

Recirculation (Catheters/AVF/AVG)

The HD03 separates vascular access recirculation from cardiopulmonary recirculation (CPR), and measures the actual percentage of recirculation.

Vascular Access Flow (AVF/AVG)

The HD03 measures Access Flow up to 4000 mL/min. Changes in the Access Flow can indicate access dysfunction, including inflow stenosis and outflow stenosis. The HD03’s Access Flow measurements are used to trend changes over time and to confirm other clinical indicators, including physical exam indications of dysfunction.  

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