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Using a Twister to Measure Access Flow without Reversing Bloodlines

By Susan Eymann, MS26 Jan 2016

You can measure vascular access flow with your HD02/HD03 Hemodialysis Monitor on any manufacturer’s blood tubing set by using a Fresenius Medical Care TwisterTM CombiSet bloodline or the stand alone TwisterTM accessory. The TwisterTM enables reversal of the blood lines without manually disconnected them to measure vascular access flow via the Krivitski Method®. The arterial and venous Flow/dilution Sensors are clamped between the TwisterTM and the red and blue caps on the lines that go to the patient’s access. All HD03 and all HD02 software versions 2.0.0 or higher do not require any repositioning of the Flow/dilution Sensors. Simply use the TwisterTM to reverse the bloodlines and take your vascular access measurement.

HD02 Software versions below 2.0.0

If you are using a HD02 Monitor with a software version below 2.0.0 with a TwisterTM, the Transonic Flow/dilution Sensors have to be switched to the opposite bloodlines.

We strongly recommend that if you have a software version lower than 2.0.0 on an HD02 Monitor you access the software updates section on the website footer, request an account and upgrade your system.

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