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Vascular Access Society of the Americas (VASA)

By Susan Eymann, MS18 Mar 2019

Access excellence is the mission of the Vascular Access Society of the Americas (VASA). Founded in 2005, VASA is devoted to the advancement of the field of dialysis access through multi-disciplinary collaboration, research, education and advocacy for patients with end stage kidney disease.

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Organization President Surenda Shenoy, MD, PhD writes, “VASA is the only multi-disciplinary organization representing the field of vascular access in the Americas. The success of this organization lies in fostering multi-disciplinary aspects of the field. Since inception, we have thrived hard to maintain a good balance of representative from all areas of the discipline.” In that vein, VASA members include vascular surgeons, transplant surgeons, interventional nephrologists, interventional radiologists, nurses and dialysis technicians.

Recently, VASA expanded its reach to the Japanese Society of Dialysis Access with the signage of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Delegate exchanges will foster the cross-pollination of ideas to explore avenues that are mutually beneficial to serve and improve the field of vascular access, enhance patient care through the dissemination good practices.

VASA supports and sponsors two important conferences each year in a biannual format. They alternate between a traditional lecture format symposium and a practicum format.

The Dialysis Access Practicum give participants an opportunity for hand-on experience. The 2019 Practicum will be held in Methodist Hospital, Houston on May 10-11. Designed for all transplant, vascular and general surgeons, nephrologists, interventional radiologist, nurses and dialysis technicians, the Practicum provides a rare opportunity for “Hand-0n” experiences with surgical and interventional procedures for creating and maintaining a vascular access for hemodialysis. 

In addition to a host of on-line information, VASA members also receive and have on-line access to the peer reviewed Journal of Vascular Access that is published six times a year and reports clinical and laboratory studies in the field of vascular access, including chemotherapy, hemodialysis, critical care, apheresis, home infusion therapy and emergency room applications.

Past VASA Presidents have included the following: Jack Work MD in 2016; Shurendra Shenoy, MD, PhD 2014-2016; Tom Vesley, MD 2012-2014; Mitchell Henry, MD, 2010-2012 and Marc H. Glickman, MD, 2008-2010 and A. Freidrick Shild, MD 2005-2008. 

For more information, visit: http://www.vasamd.org/

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