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06 Apr 2022

How to Ensure Your Website is HIPAA Compliant

Telehealth. Electronic check-ins. Online scheduling. What’s next? Before you take on even more digital platforms and...
23 Mar 2022

How to Handle Irate Patients

Although there’s more light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, emotions may still be running high for many patients....
16 Mar 2022

What Physicians Should Know About the No Surprises Act

Homelessness and health are linked, according to a contributor article that explains why homelessness is not simply a...
31 Jan 2022

Digital Healthcare Tools You Need to Know About in 2022

As healthcare advances, so does the use of digital healthcare tools. Hospitals, healthcare providers, and patients can...
24 Jan 2022

Implications of the Build Back Better Act’s Impact on Hospitals

The Build Back Better Act (BBBA) was adopted by the House of Representatives in November of 2021. The total package...
17 Jan 2022

3 Ways to Improve Patient Engagement and Compliance

Patient engagement and compliance keep your practice successful and your patients healthier. Keeping your patients...
09 Dec 2021

Hybrid Healthcare & The Future of Telehealth

Though it was in use prior to the pandemic, telehealth use has exploded during the pandemic. And as the pandemic...
29 Nov 2021

How Digital Technology Can Improve Patient Satisfaction

The pandemic made virtual healthcare a necessity, but patients had been becoming more and more digital with the way...
24 Nov 2021

Re-Thinking Resource Allocation: What 3 Healthcare Organizations are Doing

As we continue to navigate through the pandemic, it’s clear that hospitals are facing unprecedented pressure and...