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05 Jul 2022

Independence Day

What does it mean to be independent? Paul Revere and a tea-flavored harbor? Equal civil rights for everyone? Freedom...
29 Jun 2022

The Price of Medicine

I have a friend who is a doctor. Or at least, I did. John and I went through undergrad together. We suffered through...
30 May 2022

An Endless Horizon

Read slowly. Let your mind settle. The cliff was not high, and we could hear the waves breaking against the side of it,...
11 May 2022

Nurses Week and the State of the Union

  “Seventy patients make a full, eight-hour day in the ER,” he told me. “Yesterday we had 100 patients at the same...
12 Jan 2022

Should You Work With a Health Coach?

Many physicians are accustomed to working with Registered Dieticians (RDs), trained staff who work with patients to...
27 Dec 2021

What is a Health and Wellness Coach?

An ever-growing field, health and wellness coaching can encompass a wide variety of services, from 1-1 health and...
27 Oct 2021

Miriam Tenorio Named President and CEO of Transonic

Transonic named Miriam Tenorio president and CEO of its family of companies. Miriam succeeds Transonic founder Cor...
19 Jul 2021

CT Surgeons Lead the Way in COVID Vaccine Trials

The Cardiothoracic Surgical Trials Network (CTSN) usually focuses on research for coronary artery disease or atrial...
17 Mar 2021

Russia Clocks Another First: Sputnik V Vaccine, First COVID-19 Vaccine to be Registered

In 1957, the Soviet Union rocked the world with its space program’s launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial earth...