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EndoGear Biotelemetry: Untether Your Data

By Cole McLarty22 Mar 2022


EndoGear-HeroTuesday, March 22nd marks the official launch of our new EndoGear® implant, the world’s first fully telemetric, ultrasonic transit-time blood flow and pressure measurement technology for rats. With the introduction of volumetric vascular blood flow and high-fidelity solid-state pressure data into a single implant, longitudinal measurements of contractility, cardiac output and peripheral resistance are finally possible.

379391702-heart-for-application-sectionDesigned for rodent models >250g, EndoGear® features our familiar non-constrictive perivascular flowprobe design. Originally envisioned for use in tethered applications of flow measurement, our flowprobes are sized to each animal model depending on the application timelines, animal strain, animal size and several other factors. Volumetric blood flow is assessed using transit-time technology, which does not require contact with the vessel and can be placed chronically while still allowing for vessel growth over the study duration. By untethering this technology, subtle effects can be assessed without the complications that tethered data collection can bring.

379391695-pressure-catheter-for-application-sectionEndoGear® also has the capacity to measure blood pressure. With our new Scisense solid-state catheter design, high-fidelity pressure measurements can now be paired with volumetric assessments of vascular flow. Our 1.9F (0.63mm) catheter can be deployed in both vascular and ventricular applications and from this, measurements such as vascular resistance can be assessed from a single implant, for the first time.

Together, these innovations represent new opportunities for researchers. Particularly important for drug screening assessment in safety pharmacology, longitudinal interrogation of stroke volume, heart rate and thus cardiac output, provides new insight into pharmaco-mediated cardiac affects. In addition to models and protocols centered in the cardiovascular system, fields such as endocrine/metabolic, neuro and many others can also benefit from this novel assessment.

378944596-implant3port-pr-fl-wpsWe are excited to introduce this product to our clients and are proud to be partnering with the American Physiological Society (APS), InsideScientific and Scientist.com for our EndoGear® launch webinar March 22 at 1 PM EDT. Your first opportunity to see EndoGear® in person will be at Experimental Biology in Philadelphia April 2-5, 2022. We can be found at booth 419 and will have several different implants to display, as well as the complete hardware network, so you can better understand how this technology might fit into your lab. We hope to see you there!

We believe that meaningful research is founded on dependable technology and trustworthy support. If you have questions about EndoGear®, feel free to contact us at any time to speak with one of our Application Experts about your research or visit our website.