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What Bioengineers Should Know About Flow Measurement for Anesthesia Delivery/Pain Management

By John Haberstock31 Mar 2020

Transonic technology can verify anesthesia delivery and pain management. Anesthesia delivery systems integrate several devices into a combined freestanding unit, used to induce and maintain anesthesia in a patient undergoing surgery. 

The most common type of anesthesia machine used in the developed world is the Transonic_LPthumb_7-Anesthesia-DeliveryPain-Managementcontinuous-flow or “Boyle’s machine,” designed to provide an accurate supply of medical gases mixed with an accurate concentration of anesthetic vapor and to deliver this continuously to the patient at a safe pressure and flow. 

Transonic technology can provide more accurate dosing, which reduces adverse events, improves clinical outcomes and helps reduce microbubbles that could lead to embolisms.

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