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One Year of EndoGear: A Look Back and Ahead

By Danielle Senador, PhD28 Mar 2023

It's been almost a year since Transonic’s research team released EndoGear®, the world’s first wireless, implantable telemetry system for rodent blood flow and blood pressure. 

At the 2022 Experimental Biology conference when EndoGear was officially launched, we had the opportunity to present a poster. The poster presented basic, yet critically valuable data showcasing preserved circadian rhythms on all variables collected - cardiac output, mean arterial pressure, temperature, and activity. Below is a snapshot of the whole data set with the 24 hours circadian oscillations in all variables, encompassing direct measurements done by the implant - blood pressure, blood flow (cardiac output), temperature and activity, as well as calculated measurements such as heart rate and total peripheral resistance. 

Flow and Pressure data in Rats

The second panel below displays sample data from blood flow (cardiac output) and mean arterial pressure signals, showing the differences between the values observed during the light and dark phases. 

Flow and Pressure data in Rats light vs dark phases
These data followed several other successful studies, conducted with academic and industry partners, highlighting more than just the suitability of EndoGear for chronic implantation. The data clearly demonstrate the sensitivity of the equipment to detect the subtle changes in measured parameters due to circadian rhythm. This unlocks new possibilities by continuous blood flow recording done via telemetry. 

The availability of untethered continuous blood flow measurements done with ultrasound transit-time technology has broadened the possibilities for interrogating the relationship between pressure and flow. In Transonic’s  history of tethered blood flow measurements, cardiac output has been the most sought-after application, followed closely by renal blood flow. It was not surprising to observe the same trend with our telemetry technology.  

The past year has yielded fruitful collaborations focused on both these applications - cardiac output and renal blood flow. These partnerships have not only been focused on understanding fundamental principles within hemodynamic and cardiac research but have also generated invaluable resources that can be shared with the scientific community either in workshops, webinars, application notes or publications. As a first step into sharing these resources, we are sponsoring the workshop “Untethering Pressure-Flow Relationships: Advances in Cardiac and Renal Telemetric Monitoring” to be presented by Dr. Chris West and Dr Polichnowski during the APS summit in April 2023. If you are heading to the show, we hope you can stop by booth 130 to see EndoGear® in person.

This first anniversary is a significant milestone that provides a chance to appreciate the progress made so far and set new goals for the future, such as new features and novel applications. Above all, it's a time to express gratitude to everyone who has contributed to EndoGear’s success, and to reaffirm our commitment to delivering value to our customers. Here's to another great year! To learn more about EndoGear® you can visit our webpage or view our launch webinar.  Here’s to another great year!