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23 Feb 2021

Questions from the Field II – Pressure-Volume Catheters & Equipment

In part one of this recurring series, I reviewed some common questions I have encountered during lab visits over the...
02 Feb 2021

Experimental Design Puzzles: Part 3

This is the third and final installment in our “Experimental Design Puzzles” blog series that illustrates several...
19 Jan 2021

Questions from the Field – Pressure Catheters and Equipment

As a Sales Representative and Product Manager for the last 11 years, I have run into a wide range of questions from...
05 Jan 2021

Transonic Webinar: Dr. Mads Dam Lyhne and Dr. Niels Moeslund present Bi-ventricular Pressure-Volume Loops – Open and Closed Chest Approaches

Transonic’s monthly Research Webinar Series on the 9th December, 2020 presented the interesting story of two young...
21 Dec 2020

Experimental Design Puzzles: Part 2

This second installment in our “Experimental Design Puzzles” blog series illustrates how the intricacies involved in...
09 Dec 2020

Transonic Webinar - Dr. Joseph Mannozzi Presents: Effective Arterial Elastance: Assessing Changes in Vascular Properties During Exercise

On November 17, 2020, our Research Division continued our client-lead webinar series that, much like our blog...
24 Nov 2020

Experimental Design Puzzles Part I

In science, pathophysiological mechanisms are unraveled by extensive, complex, and complementary combinations of in...
10 Nov 2020

Filip Konecny, DVM, PhD and Transonic Applications Specialist

Today I’m talking with my colleague Dr. Filip Konecny. Filip is Transonic’s own veterinarian and one of my fellow...
27 Oct 2020

A Step Up: How Admittance Technology has Evolved from Conductance

Last week, we introduced you to Admittance, a new and more dynamic heart function measurement technique that evolved...