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19 May 2020

A Researcher’s Life during COVID-19: Part 2

As one of Transonic’s application specialists, I very much enjoy working together with my former academic colleagues...
12 May 2020

Transonic’s Mission is to “Advance Meaningful Measurements”

Since the very beginning, helping clinicians, researchers and biomedical engineers make measurements that are...
05 May 2020

Cardiovascular Explorer George Pantalos Turns to Testing COVID-19 Test Kits

“Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures,” Hippocrates declared. Now, as the coronavirus pandemic engulfs the...
28 Apr 2020

The Road Less Traveled: Alternative Career Paths for Scientists

Transonic has been contributing to the world of life sciences for over 35 years and has been fortunate to be part of...
23 Apr 2020

A Researcher’s Life during COVID-19: Crunching Data, Clinical Duties & New Opportunities

Transonic’s application specialists are proud to work in close collaboration with their customers to assure that our...
14 Apr 2020

Meet Your Transonic Research Application Specialists

Transonic is known in the life science community, not only for its quality products and hallmark customer service,...