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Transonic Launches New Co-engineering Site

By John Haberstock17 Sep 2019

Shortly after its inception in 1983, Transonic began partnering with outside companies as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Transonic’s OEM applications range from the use of standard Transonic products straight off the shelf to customized devices that wouldn't normally be recognized as a Transonic device.Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 2.29.43 PM

Together with our collaborators, we have expanded previous flow measurement ranges to include measurements in ultra-low flow applications, such as cerebrospinal fluids, lymph and other novel mediums.

Our engineers have created products that use Transonic-customized OEM Flowsensors and Flowboards for the following:

  • Heart Lung Machines
  • Organ Preservation Apparatuses
  • Artificial Organs
  • Infusion/Transfusion/Perfusion Systems
  • Ventricular Assist Devices
  • Dialysis Systems
  • CP Bypass Pumps/ECMO
  • Ophthalmic Microsurgery Systems

To help you find the flow and indicator dilution technology needs for your medical devices, Transonic has launched a new Co-engineering site. The site provides an interactive experience, allowing the user to see how Transonic’s technology can be used in medical devices and to optimize clinical therapies. The site also highlights Transonic’s Co-Engineering Program, which is designed to meet the unique needs of your business and streamline the development process, from prototype to production. In addition to the new site, Transonic has launched a blog that includes engineer-focused content.

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