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Transonic Life Science Research Overview Webinar

By Anna Mueller, MS10 Sep 2020

Transonic’s research product line is used in the fields of cardiovascular hemodynamics, translational research, tubing model applications and bioprocess. At the core of our flow measurement products is transit-time ultrasound technology. This technology, created by Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 11.10.12 AMTransonic’s founder Cor Drost, measures flow via an ultrasonic signal at a very high frequency, which then bounces off a reflector in the flowprobe. 

The ultrasonic signal is able to record measurements going against the blood flow and with the blood flow. This allows the user to get very accurate volume flow measurements largely independent of vessel probe alignment. 

Complementary to our blood volume flow measurements is our pressure-volume technology which can measure ventricular volume in real-time as well as provide a host of cardiac parameters for hemodynamic studies.

Learn more about the various applications for Transonic products from Danielle Senador, PhD, Astrid Haegens PhD, and Filip Konecny, PhD, DVM in this webinar. They will highlight three interesting applications that utilize our technologies: Cardiac output, Isolated heart and Bi-ventricular pressure-volume loops. 

Click here to watch the webinar.