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Transonic Surgical Training Scholarships

By Cole McLarty23 Aug 2022

At Transonic, we strive to make innovative technologies that provide accurate and reproducible data that propels science forward. However, success with any technology can be elusive without the right training and support infrastructure in place. Since the 90’s, we have sponsored, hosted, and supported an array of training opportunities including in-person equipment training from our staff, virtual data reviews and importantly, hands-on surgical workshops.

In 2017, we partnered with InsideScientific, Dr. Tim Hacker, and the University of Wisconsin – Madison to host a surgical training program that focuses on best practices for collecting Pressure-Volume loop data. This workshop takes place over 2.5 days and covers all aspects of data collection including surgical preparation, catheterization techniques, PV technology discussions and data interpretation/analysis. Since its inception, we have seen over 65 researchers with a wide range of surgical backgrounds attend this workshop and benefit from Dr. Hacker and his Team’s guidance.

We are excited to announce that starting this Fall, Transonic will be sponsoring scholarship opportunities for select researchers looking to attend Dr. Hacker’s workshop. This opportunity will fund the registration fee for the workshop in full, allowing recipients to further their cardiovascular training. Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply for the training workshop and share your research goals with our team.
  2. Ensure that you confirm your eligibility for the scholarship by filling out all required fields, selecting “Academic/University/Hospital” as your institution type, and providing a detailed research summary.
  3. Course organizers will review all applications and will contact you if you are eligible to receive a scholarship. If you are selected, you will then arrange to attend the workshop of your choosing and the scholarship award will be applied to your registration fee.
  4. After you attend the training workshop, you will be asked to participate in an interview about your experience.

Pressure-Volume (PV) loops provide a range of hemodynamic parameters which are otherwise not readily measurable. These include changes in contractility, elastance, power, energetics, and efficiency through the assessment of both load-dependent and load-independent states. PV loops also bring with them a host of technical considerations and challenges when collecting this valuable data. To ensure success when collecting these data, we hope that you can join us for this workshop as a scholarship recipient. Click here to learn more about this opportunity and here to download the workshop brochure. We look forward to seeing you in Madison.