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Transonic’s Mission is to “Advance Meaningful Measurements”

By Susan Eymann, MS12 May 2020

Since the very beginning, helping clinicians, researchers and biomedical engineers make measurements that are meaningful has been the driving force behind Transonic. In the early days of the company, transit-time ultrasound technology pioneer Cor Drost visited laboratories around the globe to ensure that his technology would help researchers add “meaningful measurements” to their studies. Now president and CEO of Transonic, Cor still visits scientists and laboratories to help with the most difficult of flow applications such as measuring lymph or cerebrospinal fluid flow.

His tradition continues. Now, Transonic has a team of engineers and applications specialists who continue to help scientists “advance meaningful measurements.” They are often directed by the company’s Product and Sales Managers Margo Sosa, Wayne Bower and Cole McLarty who are on the front lines daily, listening to the aspirations and challenges of scientists.

Please meet these three research product experts who are “the eyes and ears” of Transonic.

Margo Sosa, Senior Research Product ManagerMargo Sosa

As a recent Cornell University graduate, Margo joined Transonic in its early days when blood flow measurement by transit-time ultrasound was not yet established. Under the tutelage of Jean Finely, PhD, Margo rose to the challenge of introducing new technology to a doubting scientific community and quickly learned how to address the concerns of scientists with precise, in-depth answers to their queries. With an encyclopedic knowledge of well over 200 flow measurement applications and an intricate knowledge of Transonic research products, Margo spent countless hours with researchers on the telephone discussing their specific protocols and explaining the nuances of obtaining meaningful, accurate flow data for their studies. In her position as Senior Research Product Manager, Margo now juggles many other roles that include working with the engineers to devise and test robust products for new applications, overseeing the literature for the various research products and streamlining processes to continue to deliver custom product while always putting the customers' specific needs first. Her precise knowledge, coupled with an artistic eye and boundless creativity, make her a valued Transonic team member.


Wayne Bower, Research Product Sales ManagerWayne Bower

Wayne grew up on a small dairy farm in upstate New York where, from an early age, he was interested in animal health and how crops grow. This ignited his love of biology which was nurtured in high school by a passionate and engaging AP biology teacher. After graduating from Cornell University, Wayne worked in a proteomics laboratory for a couple of years but found that he missed interactions with clients and business management. He joined Transonic where he finds that his position as Research Product Sales Manager is a perfect fit to explore the scientific knowledge he is passionate about, while building meaningful relationships with clients and developing a team to grow the business. His past experience working in a lab allows him to thoroughly understand the needs of our customers and how labs operate. He particularly enjoys providing customers with measurement solutions they can be confident in as they advance their research.


Cole McLarty, Scisense Product Manager and Research Sales SpecialistCole Profile Pic

As an undergraduate studying medical science and physiology, Cole took a lab course that focused on the study of the relationship between pulmonary surfactant and development. It cemented his long-held interest in biotechnology and medical devices. It also gave him a hands-on view of real-world scientific approaches and the technologies they employed. Upon graduation, Cole joined Scisense (now Transonic Scisense), a small company that specializes in cardiovascular technologies for the life sciences. In his sales role, Cole has countless opportunities to interact with clients in their labs and has learned to appreciate all it takes to execute high level research. He has also learned to understand the changing needs in life science and the opportunities for product improvement and development. As a Product Manager, he can take this information directly from the field and apply it to Transonic products.

Both of Cole’s roles give him the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with clients which he enjoys whether he is troubleshooting for international distributors, running our PV workshops or training a new client in the lab. Cole looks forward to developing exciting new relationships and products in the years to come.

As always, what everyone at Transonic is most interested in, is you! How can we help advance your science? What measurements or information do you need? We’re interested in hearing from you; let us know your questions and from Cor to Margo, Wayne to Cole, we will do our best to help!