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Recirculation at the Bedside: Quantifying and Managing with Transonic’s ELSA Monitor

Recirculation is a known complication of VV ECMO. Long-lasting periods of recirculation reduces the delivery of oxygen from the ECMO circuit to the patient. To improve your patient’s therapy, it’s important to quantify the amount of recirculation occurring. 

Transonic’s ELSA monitor confirms recirculation and removes the need for subjective measurement by providing an actual percentage of recirculation and oxygenated ECMO flow to the patient. 

In this short video, learn the importance of early recirculation detection, the signs of recirculation, how the ELSA monitor improves ECMO patient therapy and more. 



Learn more about how the ELSA monitor can safeguard your ECMO program. Schedule a short 10-minute call with our ECMO specialist today.

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