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Transonic’s ELSA Monitor Featured on PerfWeb

VV ECMO, or veno-venous ECMO, primarily supports lung function. VV ECMO support can be obtained several ways. Commonly, a double lumen cannula is placed in the right internal jugular vien (right IJ people will know) or two cannulas are used, one residing in the right IJ and another in a femoral vein. The patient’s condition and age will depend on which option is used.

Recirculation is a known complication of VV ECMO that is oftentimes poorly understood and poorly addressed. To reduce this complication, the ECMO team needs an objective measurement for the optimal placement of dual-site cannulation or single dual-lumen cannulation. That’s where Transonic’s ELSA monitor comes in.

The ELSA monitor was recently featured on PerfWeb. Learn more about the monitor and how the PerfWeb panel uses it in this episode.


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