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Transonic technology can verify anesthesia delivery and pain management. Anesthesia delivery systems integrate several devices into a combined freestanding unit, used to induce and maintain...
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Infusion pumps can administer liquids in ways that would be impractically expensive or unreliable if performed manually by the nursing staff.  For example, they can administer as little as 0.1 mL per...
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24 Mar 2020
What Bioengineers Should Know About Flow Measurement for Organ Preservation Devices
  Thousands of patients are awaiting organ transplants, but due to the lack of organ availability, many of these...
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17 Mar 2020
What Bioengineers Should Know About Flow Measurement for Dialysis for Renal Replacement
Renown nephrologist Dr. Thomas Depner studied the wear and cavitation of tubing at different pressure pump settings and...
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10 Mar 2020
What Bioengineers Should Know About Pressure-Volume Loop Technology
Pressure-volume loops provide a range of hemodynamic parameters that are not readily measurable by other methods. These...
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03 Mar 2020
Flow Measurement Technologies: What Bioengineers Should Know
Transonic pioneered 2 foundational flow measurement technologies. The first was transit time ultrasound flow...
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25 Feb 2020
What Bioengineers Should Know About Mock Circulatory Loops
Mock Circulatory Loops are mechanical representations of the human cardiovascular system and serve as a platform for...
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18 Feb 2020
“Transonic Inside” Engineer Kaitlyn Whyte Makes a Name for Herself in a Male-Dominated Field
Medical devices aren’t a usual interest for most 6-year-olds. But for Kaitlyn Whyte, a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes at...
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