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Pressure-volume loops provide a range of hemodynamic parameters that are not readily measurable by other methods. These include changes in contractility, elastance, power, energetics and efficiency.
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Transonic pioneered 2 foundational flow measurement technologies. The first was transit time ultrasound flow measurement, created for biomedical use by founder Cor Drost. The technology uses...
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25 Feb 2020
What Bioengineers Should Know About Mock Circulatory Loops
Mock Circulatory Loops are mechanical representations of the human cardiovascular system and serve as a platform for...
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18 Feb 2020
“Transonic Inside” Engineer Kaitlyn Whyte Makes a Name for Herself in a Male-Dominated Field
Medical devices aren’t a usual interest for most 6-year-olds. But for Kaitlyn Whyte, a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes at...
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04 Feb 2020
The Innovation Behind Transonic, OEM Success
As a researcher at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, Cor Drost knew there needed to be a better way to...
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20 Jan 2020
10 Remarkable Blood Facts from the “Incredible Machine” 2
When choosing a flow measurement option for an OEM device, it’s helpful to understand the differences between Doppler...
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13 Jan 2020
Why One Cardiovascular Explorer Depends on Transonic Flow Measurements for Research
It was the launch of Sputnik that cemented Dr. George Pantalos’s interest in space exploration. His father, a member of...
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06 Jan 2020
Transonic's OEM Team Attends ISMCS in Bologna, Italy
ISMCS Overview Transonic attended the International Society of Mechanical Circulatory Support (ISMCS) annual meeting...
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