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30 Dec 2019

Vascular Access Facts

(Gleaned from the 2018 USRDS Annual Data Report: Volume II: Chapter 3) In 2016, 80% of patients were using a catheter...
14 Oct 2019

USRDS Weighs in on the Vascular Access

(Gleaned from the 2018 USRDS Annual Data Report: Volume II: Chapter 3) Clinical practice guidelines from the National...
08 Jul 2019

Where You Live Can Influence Your Choice for a Vascular Access

Historically, there have been significant differences in the choice of a vascular access between Europe, Canada, and...
03 Jul 2019

What the European Guidelines Tell Us About Pre-Operative Vascular Access Imaging

In their comprehensive 2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines for Vascular Access the European Society for Vascular Surgery...
07 Jun 2019

Debbie Brouwer-Maier Offers Her Perspective on Kidney Care Issues

As a nephrology professional who has devoted countless hours of volunteer time to support the body of work reflected in...
05 Jun 2019

Basis for Proposed KDOQI Guidelines Recommendation on Physical Examination

The 2019 proposed National Kidney Foundation’s (NKF) Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI) recommends a...
03 Jun 2019

Process of Care, Part III: Hemodialysis Catheters

The same concerns over process of care related to the KDOQI VA proposed changes that reverse the momentum of the past...
29 May 2019

Process of Care, Part II: The Impact of Proposed KDOQI Guidelines

Dialysis facilities typically open early in the morning Monday to Saturday. The first shift of patients must get their...
27 May 2019

Process of Care, Part I: Hemodialysis Vascular Access Process of Care Overview

A quick review of the process of care is critical to understand how the proposed KDOQI Vascular Access Guidelines will...