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18 Oct 2021

6 Stats from Medscape's Residents Earnings and Debt Report

No one goes into medicine for an easy ride, but sometimes the path to becoming a physician is much more complicated...
13 Oct 2021

Intern Physicians are at High Risk for PTSD. Why?

Around 70% of people worldwide experience a traumatic event in their lifetime, according to survey data from the World...
21 Jun 2021

Best and Worst States for Doctors in 2021

Physicians consistently rank among the top-paid professionals in the country, with medical and dental careers making up...
05 Apr 2021

5 Interesting Stats from Medscape's Physician Lifestyle & Happiness Report

To say the past year was rife with challenges is an understatement — especially for the medical community. Physicians...
25 Jan 2021

Highest Paid Physicians: Where Are Physicians Earning the Most?

The COVID-19 pandemic created significant financial pressures across the healthcare system and forced hospitals to make...
02 Dec 2020

How Mindfulness Helps Reduce Stress for Healthcare Workers

As a healthcare worker, you already know stress comes with the territory. Burnout among healthcare workers has steadily...
26 Oct 2020

3 Common Issues Female Physicians Face (And How to End Them)

Although there are more female physicians and women in medical school than ever before, gender bias remains and poses...
05 Aug 2020

What to Know Before Going to Work in A Pandemic Hotspot

Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are known to charge into a crisis, even as the rest of the community flees to...
06 Jul 2020

What to Know About Moonlighting as a Physician

No matter where you are in your career as a physician, medical care moonlighting can be an excellent opportunity to...