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20 May 2020

The Best and Worst States for Doctors: 5 Stats to Know

Physicians are among the highest-paid professionals in the U.S. 
04 Mar 2020

Employed versus Self-employed: What Physicians Should Consider

Employed physicians now outnumber self-employed physicians in the U.S. for the first time in history, according to a...
08 Jan 2020

Tips for Making Your First Locum Tenens Assignment a Success

Making the switch to working locum tenens can be a rewarding and fulfilling career decision. But while it allows you...
06 Jan 2020

Public Speaking Tips for Physicians

Speaking in front of a group of peers can be intimidating, and presenting new ideas can make you feel vulnerable. As...
21 Oct 2019

Can Mindfulness Help Surgical Residents Cope with Stress?

Surgical training is demanding and stressful. It’s so stressful, in fact, that nearly 70% of surgical residents...
01 Jul 2019

5 Surprising Stats About Physician Happiness

Physicians are generally pretty happy, according to new data from the 2019 AAFP/CompHealth Physician Happiness Survey
10 Apr 2019

Physician Burnout: What to Know About this Growing Public Health Crisis

Here’s a startling statistic: More than one doctor per day commits suicide. This is a rate higher than in any other...
03 Apr 2019

How are Physicians Feeling? Stats About Physician Burnout and Depression

According to a new report from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, physician burnout has become so...
20 Nov 2018

5 Stats to Know About Medical Student Life and Education

The decision to attend medical school can involve many factors. Medscape spoke with 2,400 residents about what made...