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Sensing Savvy

Do Adult ECMO Outcomes Depend on Institutional Volume?

Pioneers in Cardiothoracic Surgery: Dr. René Favaloro

Pioneers in Cardiothoracic Surgery: Dr. Christiaan Barnard

Pioneers in Cardiothoracic Surgery: Dr. Norman Shumway

Why Your Dialysis Clinic Needs a Vascular Access Coordinator

Pioneers in Cardiothoracic Surgery: Dr. Denton Cooley

Kidney Care News to Know for January

Pioneers in Cardiothoracic Surgery: Dr. John Kirklin

Pioneers in Cardiothoracic Surgery: Dr. Clarence Walton “Walt” Lillehei

Pioneers in Cardiothoracic Surgery: Dr. Michael Ellis DeBakey

The Magic of the Left Internal Mammary Artery

Which Surgical Risk Score is Best?

Tips Hospital Leaders Can Use to Prepare for Disaster

The State of Doctor-Patient Relationships & How to Improve Them

What to Know About CMS' Hospital Payments Final Rule

Kidney Care News to Know for December

What You Need to Know About the MACRA Final Rule

4 Ways Physicians Can Reduce Task Time on EHRs

Cardiothoracic Surgeons Love Their Jobs: Here’s What They Had to Say

Technology in Medicine: 5 Stats for Doctors and Patients

What to Know about the CDC's Safer Dialysis Initiative

5 Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease

Interview: Ferruh Artunc on His Abstract from Kidney Week 2016

Trial Evaluates Impact of Access Blood Flow Surveillance on Reduction of Thrombosis in Arteriovenous Fistulas

Pediatric Vascular Access Surveillance Examined at Boston Children's Hospital

Italian Nephrologists Evaluate Arteriovenous Fistula Flow and Cardiac Output in Hemodialysis Patients

The Cardiovascular Effects of Arteriovenous Fistulas: A Cause for Concern?

Documentary ‘Who Shall Live’ Sets Healthcare Reform in Motion

High School Student Sparks Development of First Portable Dialysis Machine

The Maytag and Nose-Cone Artificial Kidneys

Kidney Care News to Know for November

Scribner Shunt Ushers In New Era for End-stage Kidney Disease Treatment

Causes of Sudden Death in Hemodialysis Patients

Executives Speak Out About Preparing for Value-Based Care

3 Interesting Facts About How Patients Review Doctors

What Hospital Administrators Should Know About Medical Tourism

Beating Surgeon Burnout: Advice From Your Peers

Kidney Care News to Know from September

What Physicians and Hospital Administrators Should Know About MACRA

How the CMS Cardiac Bundle Could Affect Your Hospital

How Do You Rate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? These Docs Gave it an F

CMS Star Ratings: 3 Things to Know

How Surgeon Specialization Impacts Patient Outcomes

W.J. Kolff’s First Artificial Kidney Faces Opposition

First Artificial Kidney Built in War-Torn Netherlands by W.J. Kolff

Nephrologists Need Experience in Cardiac Care

How a Mother’s Grief Sparked Medical Safety Improvements

Nephrology News to Know for August

How the Affordable Care Act Affects Dialysis Patients

Fresenius and DaVita Capture 84% of U.S. Hemodialysis Market

Do Dialysis Clinic Star Ratings Really Reflect Quality?

How Medicare’s Outpatient Prospective Payment System Rule Could Affect Hospitals

Technology Trends Impacting Cardiothoracic Surgery You Need to Know

How Working Locum Tenens can Reduce Surgeon Burnout

How Design Thinking Can Improve Patient Experience

Ways to Reduce Dialysis Nurse Burnout

Nephrology News to Know from July

Why Cardiovascular Disease is Killing Hemodialysis Patients

The Latest on Obamacare Funding and Healthcare Policies

Medical Errors as a Cause of Death: 4 Things to Know

How to Increase Efficiency in the Operating Room

Do You Really Know Your Pump Flow?

AV Access: A Blessing or a Curse?

CMS Seeks 13 Additional ESCOs

Surprising Stats About Cardiovascular Disease and Hemodialysis

Comprehensive ESRD Care Model Seeks to Improve Outcomes

Are Transonic Access Flow Measurements the Standard of Care?

3 Nephrology Business Happenings You Should Know for June

Study Compares Transonic HD Recirculation to BUN

Evaluate Angioplasty Success in AV Grafts

Study: AV Graft Flow Measurements Important for Proactive Surveillance

Why a ‘Breakthrough Initiative’ for Fistula First?

Should Vascular Access Blood Flow Monitoring be Standard for Chronic HD Patients?

Top Children’s Hospital Assesses AV Access Flow Monitoring

A Nephrologist's Role in Vascular Access Management

The Evolving Role of the Cardiac Perfusionist: 3 Trends to Watch

How Medicaid's Final Rule Changes Affect Hospitals

How a Leading Texas Hospital Optimizes Venous Drainage

Patient Engagement and Experience Top Concerns for Hospital Executives

May News for Kidney Care Professionals

What Hospital Leaders Should Know About Yelp

3 Nephrology Business News Items You Should Know for May

Surgeons Measure Blood Flow in Newborns with Cardiac Abnormalities

Evaluating Gastroepiploic Arterial Grafts for CABG

Flow Measurements Help Predict Outcomes of Kids’ Pulmonary Artery Banding

Healthcare Reform in America, Part II: Passage of Medicare and Medicaid

Transit-time Flow Predicts Outcomes in CABG Patients: 1,000 Consecutive Arterial Grafts

Is Working as a Locum Tenens Perfusionist Right for You?

4 Common Communication Issues That Cause Hospital Readmissions

Kidney Care & Hemodialysis News: May Edition

4 Hemodialysis & Kidney Care Resources to Follow on Twitter

European Myocardial Revascularization Guidelines Call for Graft Patency Assessment with Intraoperative Flow Measurements

Ventricular Fibrillation and Post-op Complications Reduced by CABG Flow Assessment

How to Retain Dialysis Nursing Staff

Check for Competitive Flow During CABG

3 Pieces of Cardiothoracic News: April Edition

1st Validation of Internal Thoracic Artery Flow Measurement During CABG by TTFM

PREVENT IV: A Randomized Controlled Saphenous Vein Graft Trial

Pulsatility Index Value Clinically Irrelevant; Mean Flow Paramount

Survey: Finances Still a Concern for Hospital Executives

Transit-time Flow Measurement Can Predict CABG Failure Within 1st Year Post-op

Chinese Surgeons: Off-Pump CABG Surgery Safe With Y-Graft

3 New Things for Hospital Executives: March Edition

Mean Flow of 31 mL/min Demonstrates Patent Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

Study: Surgical Residents Can Safely Work Longer Shifts

CABG in 2012: Evidence, Practice and the Evolution of Guidelines

Tips for Creating a Successful Patient Experience Strategy

How Flow Measurements Helped Manage Heart Failure After Implantation

How Does Transit-Time Flowmetry Compare to Angiography?

VA Study Examines Usefulness of Transit-Time Flow Measurements During CABG

Is Sequential Bypass Grafting on the Beating Heart Safe?

5 Facts Surgeons Should Know About Their Coffee Consumption

In-hospital Outcomes Predicted by Intraoperative Graft Flow Measurements during CABG

Strategies Hospital Administrators Can Use to Reduce Readmissions

A Brief History of Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Is Being a Locum Tenens Cardiothoracic Surgeon Right for You?

CABG or PCI for 3-Vessel Disease Patients: SYNTAX Trial

Cost, Quality and Value in CABG

New Findings on CABG Failure After On-Pump vs. Off-Pump

Bright Future for Robot-assisted Minimally Invasive Direct CABG

University of Singapore Surgeon Champions TTFM During CABG

Can Flow Measurement Improve CABG Graft Patency & Clinical Outcomes?

Coronary Revascularization Trends Shaping CABG Today

3 Benefits Cardiothoracic Surgeons can Receive by Mentoring Medical Students

Using a Twister to Measure Access Flow without Reversing Bloodlines

Tips to Help in Your Search for a New Surgical Job

Surprising Facts Hospital Administrators Should Know About Hospital Spending and Pricing

Top Healthcare Predictions for Hospital Administrators 2016

Henrietta Lacks and the Evolution of Informed Consent

Two Common Pitfalls of Catheters Which Can be Easily Avoided

"First, Do No Harm:" The Primary Criterion for A Quality Measure

Catheters Kill!

Controlling OR Costs: Statistics You Need to Know

How ECMO Saved Baby Esperanza

3 Things to Know About Work-Life Balance When You’re a Cardiothoracic Surgeon

5 Alternatives to Coffee Surgeons Can Use to Stay Alert

How Access Flow can Impact Cardiac Output

3 Tips Hospital Leaders Can Use to Cope in High-Pressure Situations

How the Death of JFK’s Son Ignited Interest in ECMO

11 Fascinating Blood Flow Facts from the Human Body

8 Reasons to Perform Vascular Access Surveillance

Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program to Include CABG Surgery in 2017

Ultrasound Dilution Technology: What Is it and How Does It Work?

Hemodialysis Surveillance in Pediatrics

Why Flow Measurement is Integral to Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Development

What Surgeons Should Know About Sleep Deprivation

Zero Vascular Access Recirculation — the New Reality

Composite CABG Score Helps Hospital Improve Surgeries

4 Hospital Leadership Resources to Follow on Twitter

Why Hospital CFOs Should Collaborate with Hospital CXOs

Fistula First - Catheters Last: A CMS-sponsored Break-though Initiative

What You Need to Know About ECMO for Adults

Transit-time Ultrasound vs. Doppler Technology for Graft Patency Assessment

How to Use Flow Assessment to Develop Surgical Expertise

Four Ways Measuring Blood Flow Optimizes Hemodialysis Adequacy

On-pump Versus Off-pump CABG: What Is the Current Wisdom?

3 Interesting CABG Cases You Will Be Glad You Read

Proactive Cardiac Function Monitoring during Hemodialysis

How Zero Flow can Trigger Graft Revision in LIMA-Cx Grafts

Is Surveillance Useful? A New Spanish RCT Confirms its Value

Have You Ever Heard of FlowSound Audiovisual Graft Patency Assessment?

Hemodialysis Vascular Access Monitoring: A Medical Imperative

Cardiovascular Disease - An ESRD Epidemic

Technologies that Could Save Your Hospital Money and Improve Patient Outcomes

Analysis of a Bypass Graft Waveform: 5 Things to Look For

The Vascular Access - The Achilles Heel of Hemodialysis

Improving Post-CABG Patient Outcomes With Intraoperative Transit-time Flowmetry

Aha Moments Spark Genesis of the Hemodialysis Monitor

How Surgeons and Medical Professionals Can Avoid Burnout

Don’t Depend on Pulsatility Index as a Sole Indicator of Graft Patency

Is a Graft Bad When Mean Bypass Flow Is Lower Than Expected?

Why Mean Flow is Key to Assessing Graft Patency

Here’s Why Technique Matters in Intraoperative Flow Measurement

From Brown Paper Bag to CABG Booklet

The Seeds of a Breakthrough Technology — Transit-time Ultrasound

Can You Trust Your Fingertip to Feel a Pulse or a Pen-Tip Doppler to Test Bypass Graft Patency?

Perfusion Safety: 7 Steps You Need to Know

Case Reports Demonstrate the Importance of Measuring Flow

What You Need to Know About Medicare’s 30-Day Readmission Policy for FY 2016

Blood Flow: Life’s Quintessential Vital Sign?

3 Things Cardiologists Might Have Missed This Month: September 2015 Edition

4 Cardiothoracic Resources to Follow on Twitter

Can You Afford Not to Measure Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Flow?

Believing What You See; Does Structure Correlate to Graft Function?